West Palm Beach's Professional IV Therapy & Hydration Clinic

IV Infusion Treatments

Energy Booster

Designed to provide quick nutrient support for people on the go. A Myer’s Cocktail provide a great boost to your energy levels after a long weekend, trip or even just hard work.

Sports Performance

With the extreme physical activity, there is a lot of cellular damage and vitamin/mineral depletion. We rehydrate, rebalance and limit the oxidative damage before and after physical exertion.

Immunity Booster

Cold or Flu ? Finding the time to build better immune health isn’t always easy, but Boost Hydration has the resources needed to aid you in your journey to improve your immunity.


Hangover Cure

Long night?  looking for a fresh start to your day, a more wholesome approach of energy boosting IV therapy is your answer.  Rid yourself of headaches, dehydration, body aches, nausea and vomiting.

Migraine Buster

With magnesium to relax muscles. including those that are part of the blood vessels, effective in the treatment of acute migraines and other headaches. IV Therapy re-balances cell function in the brain

Weight Loss

Get the best results in your weight loss program by adding our lipotrophic infusions to any package.  With a combination of amino acids, B-Vitmains and L-Carnitine, these injections can help curb hunger and rev-up your metabolism.


Wrinkles, blemishes, acne, dry skin, and other signs of premature aging can all be improved with adequate hydration. We can help turn back time and ensure your skin gets the hydration it needs to look its best and stand up to the hot Florida Sun

Cold & Flu

No more waiting weeks to feel better, instead, you can get your body on the right track instantly! IV therapy, allowing you to recover faster and better. Talk about natural cold and flu remedies, IV therapy is your best option


Here’s how it works: You visit our office and fill out a brief medical questionnaire. After speaking with a member of our team, we select a hydration package that will best suit you. Add-ons are available with all of our therapies whether you’re looking for a boost of energy, increased immune support, or athletic recovery. You can plan on about 45 minutes or less for your hydration session